Things To Consider Before You Re-Roof Your Home


It takes approximately around $6,000+ to $15,800+ to install a new roof to your home. Since this is going to be a costly investment, you have to make sure that you know what to look for when it comes to looking for an Albany roofing contractor.

If you’re looking for a new contractor to do your home re-roofing, here are 5 important tips that you need to take into consideration.

1. What Kind of Roof Ventilation Will They Use?

While not many people talk about it, roof ventilation plays a crucial role in ensuring that your roofs stay durable and would last a long time. By making sure that you have proper roof ventilation installed, you can be assured that the attics would be able to regulate the heat in summer and that there won’t be moisture buildup during winter. Don’t hesitate to inquire whether they also offer additional roof ventilation features like gable and ridge vents.

2. Are Your New Roofs Energy-Efficient?

A good looking roof may be pleasing to the eye, but energy efficiency offers more benefits. It helps lower your energy bills for one, and at the same time, these roofs also absorb the heat of the sun, making it less hot inside the room. Additionally, roofs with energy efficiency features require less maintenance, saving you future costs. You’d notice that past roofs were made of mostly bright colors, these days, roofs with dark hues are increasingly becoming more popular.

3. Consider Low Maintenance Gutters

No one wants to have misaligned gutters. When looking for a roofing company, find one that can install low-maintenance gutters – if possible, those that can install the seamless types. Those gutters that are held in place by wither eaves or gable overhangs are not recommended as they’re more prone to water damage.

4. Look For Airtight Chimney Caps

Don’t overlook the importance of chimney caps. A chimney cap helps reduce energy consumption by keeping snow or rain from entering your home, and by stopping heat from exiting through your chimney. This also prevents other animals like squirrels, mice, raccoons and other critters from entering your home.

5. Prevent Ice Dams With Eave Flashings

This keeps your roof weather-proof that’s usually made of thin material. This stops moisture from reaching your shingles, and at the same time, stops ice dams from forming. Before re-roofing, consider giving a professional roofer a call to help determine your roofing needs, as it is a huge investment you do not want to be done improperly. 

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