What Is A Green Roof And It Is A Worthwhile Investment?


The green roofs are becoming a popular feature that benefits the environment and homeowners. The concept was first a popular element in the urban skyrises but is now adopted by many homes across the country.  If you believe that a green roof is for you, then here is what you need to know:

The green roof system has a protectant waterproofing and a robust drainage system that help it have the capacity to support the vegetative cultivation. The design, therefore, allows for light plants to grow and thrive without damaging the roofing structure. Initially, the green roofs were a prominent feature in commercial buildings in cities in Europe. Slowly, this has graduated to seeing the roofing systems become a trendy element in residential buildings across different towns and urban areas. Given the setting of most cities and metropolitan areas where air pollution is rampant, the green life on the roofs of building in such places helps to filter the air as well as enhance energy efficiency.

The technology behind the success of the green roof focuses on increasing R-values roofing systems, improve heating and cooling, thereby reducing energy costs. That then means that the roofs are an investment that benefits Mother Nature and Your Pocket! Moreover, the green roofs can add to the overall value of your property, especially if it is located in an urban area.

Not only that the green roof offer benefits that touch on the exterior of your home, but the impact can also be felt inside the house. The green life on your roofing will help improve air quality by filtering pollutants. Also, the vegetation will help manage water runoff.

With such a system on your roof, you have the opportunity to grow a small garden on your rooftop. It can as well be a flower bed. However, you may be restricted to cultivating vegetable, herbs, or flowers that are resilient to different weather conditions given the location of their site.

You also have to put in some substantial maintenance efforts at the beginning of your green roof. Fortunately, this will lessen over time as the vegetation takes root. But you are not to use potting soil because it gets too bulky for your roof, leading to structural damages.

When it comes to irrigating, hand watering is the recommended option. In some of the advanced green roofs, there come complete with an irrigation system. Overall, proper watering will be necessary to maintain a healthy garden on your roof, especially when there is no rain.

Some green roofs do not feature vegetables and herbs instead have most and short grasses that require little maintenance and spread rapidly.

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