Gutter Cleaning Basics


The task of gutter cleaning is frequently neglected. However, cleaning the troughs on the eaves of the roof is a very important home ownership job that should be done at least two times per year. If your gutters become clogged, overflowing water may damage the foundation and landscaping around your home. Increased weight from the water can result in the gutters pulling loose and that can result in rot developing behind the trim or fascia.  

Over the course of the winter, if gutters are clogged it can result in ice damming and roof leaks can develop. Ice will start to fill up the gutters and start to form on the slope of the roof. The ice will start forming in between the layers of the roof and back up into your roofing system. The heat from your home will cause this ice to melt and it will leak into your house. If your house is surrounding by trees, you should clean your gutters on a more frequent basis.  

Although there are numerous innovative tools that are available for cleaning gutters, there is always the standard practice that works just fine. You need a hose, ladder, gloves bag, and a scoop or garden trowel. Most houses should be cleaned two times per year, in May and then again in October. Gutter cleaning is potentially dangerous and needs to be done by a capable individual.

When you are cleaning your gutters, it is critical to wear gloves and to make sure that your ladder is secure at all times. A stand-off or ladder stabilizer can be used in order to prevent damage and dents to the siding and gutters. 

Start at the downspout with your hose and trowel and make sure the downspout is completely free of debris. If your downspout is clogged up, you might need to disassemble and clean it. Scoop out the debris and dispose of it in your bag. Then rinse the trough until it is clean. Check for leaks while you are rinsing out the trough.

You can also opt for a professional from Ultimate Roofing helping out. Contact us and see how we can help!

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