Roofing Remodeling Ideas That We Recommend

Roofing trends, similar to mainstream fashion, are constantly changing, although a lot more slowly. There is a tendency for roofing trends to move in a direction that considers not only aesthetics but also a stronger foundation, greener material, and better performance. The following are our favorite remodeling ideas for your roof and why you might want to consider them.

Synthetic underlayment to increase the lifespan of your roof

Many people are not aware that under the layer of shingles, is a layer of material that is even stronger, keeps your roof in good condition and prevents it from bending in a raging storm. For years the underlayment was ignored and for quite some time felt underlayment was the only type that was available for a majority of homes.  

However, these days synthetic underlayment like those that are made out of polyurethane has been breaking records within the roofing market – for very good reason. This kind of underlayment has improved durability and strength in addition to better resistance against moisture. Therefore, polyurethane alternatives may prove to increase your roof’s lifespan for several years.

To lower your utility bills, invest in cool roof shingles

Lately, everyone has been talking about cool roof shingles. Many roofing brands are now developing these great shingles and provide not only a healthier and greener function but help to insulate your house much better as well. That means your electricity bills might drop also.  

Adhesives for combatting raging winds

A serious storm can take all of the life from your roof and so that is why it is so important to take steps before the storm hits to improve the overall strength and durability of your roof. Investing in shingles and strong adhesives like ArmorShield and Dura Grip before the rains start. Those roofs and strong adhesives can withstand strong winds up to 150 mph. That means you won’t have post-storm roofing repairs to deal with.

Improve your roof’s beauty with architectural 3D asphalt shingles

Contemporary means beautiful as well. Improve the looks of your roof by using architectural 3D asphalt shingles that work by mimicking the luxury effect that cedar shakes offer but at a price that is much more affordable. Those shingles are available in different textured looks and colors to make them completely unique.

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