Roof Inspection Following A High Wind Episode

Your roof’s worst enemy is raging wind. The stormy season may bring winds that are stronger than 100 km/hour, and that can be fatal or catastrophic for your roof. Although the materials that are used for building roofs are durable and strong, they can still bend under pressure. So what should you do after raging winds have blown through? Let’s discuss this.

How Is Your Roof Damaged By Wind?  

A strong wind may damage your roof in multiple ways. One obvious way is the actual wind’s force. Sometimes the pressure is so high that it can break shingles apart, rip them off of their underlayment and then blow them away. High winds can also carry debris such as branches, twigs and other objects and crash them into your roof. Debris buildup can seriously damage a roof.  

How to Conduct Your Own Roof Inspection

Even if you do not believe your roof has sustained wind-related damage, it is still a good idea to inspect it anyway. The best method is to carefully climb on your roof and inspect the flashing, shingles, and other elements of the roof. It is very important to not walk on your roof too much since it can not only be dangerous for you but also you may damage a weak roof if it is walked on too much.  

The only one who can perform an in-depth and proper roof inspection is a professional roofing company. However, if you would just like to get an idea of the extent of the damage that has been caused by high winds or other bad weather, then it won’t hurt to conduct a quick DIY inspection on your own.

What Can Be Done About The Damage Suffered By My Roof?

There is really nothing that you can actively do when it comes to repairs except to call a licensed professional roofing company. It is important to act quickly since the longer that you wait to have the repairs done, the worse the problem could get.

Don’t forget to research several different roofing companies and don’t hire a door-to-door roof that comes out of nowhere following a bad storm that has hit your town!

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