How To Avoid The Most Common Roofing Scam: Very Low Bids

When you are searching for roofing professionals to repair your roof or to install a new one, it is natural to gravitate towards the least expensive bids. Roofing jobs can be expensive so when a roofing company offers you an incredibly low bid on your roofing project, you will want to sign the deal. However, is this the best thing to do?

If a bid is a lot lower than the price that another roofing company has quoted you, then there is a good chance that it is a scam. At first, you are content with the decision that you made and think you have saved lots of money on a really expensive roofing project but you may soon realize the final cost of your repair is a lot higher than the initial proposal. It might be possibly higher even than other company bids that you ignored as being too expensive compared to the low bid.   

The low bid scam is really common and many naive homeowners tend to fall victim to it. What the scamming company does it charge a lot more while performing the repair. They might say the cost of roofing materials have increased or they have found additional problems with the room and that more money will be needed to fix them.   

Ultimately, you will end up paying more money than the initial bid. If you refuse to pay it, the roof may leave your job halfway through which can be very problematic.

What Can You Do To Prevent Yourself From Being Scammed?

The most important thing that you need to protect yourself against this scam is vigilance. If a roofer offers you an incredibly low bid on the roofing job, it is your responsibility to do sufficient research on the roofer.  

You should ask the roofer about how they are planning to deal with any unforeseen roof problems. You also should ensure that the cost of damaged decking, materials, and labor all are included in your initial contract so that you won’t have to additional payments throughout the repair process.  

It is critical to check the testimonials and credential for the company and also ensure the company is registered and licensed. Another good tip to prevent yourself against fraud is to not make a big deposit prior to the work starting.

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