Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer Before Hiring

Hiring a professional and reliable Albany roofer can be daunting. After all, your roof needs proper care and attention from someone who knows what they’re doing. Not only is it important that your roofer uses high quality roofing material but it’s equally important that they know how to correctly install it. It doesn’t matter how small your roofing problem is, the contractor you hire for the job should be well-versed in the art of roofing. Whether you have a leak on your hand or some broken shingles, invest your time and research into a roofer you can rely on.

Before you sign the deal with anyone, consider asking the questions outlined in this article.

Does the company have a physical address?

There seems to be a growing trend of roofers working remotely and out of trucks. They suddenly appear after a bad weather when you’re desperately in search of a roofer. They might coax you with appealing repair costs as well but don’t fall into this common trap. Before you sign any document, ask for the entire data of the contractor. A company that has a physical address or an office is likely to be professional and licensed. It’s also important that you’re able to reach out to the roofer in case an after-repair issue arises. That’s why you should inquire about the full name and address of the company before you hire them.

Is the company licensed and insured?

It is absolutely essential that the contractor you work with is licensed. A roofers license is proof that they have the skills and the expertise to do a roofing job. Equally important is to know that the roofer you intend to hire is insured. This will protect you financially from any injuries or accidents that could occur to the roofing team on the job site.

Does the company hire subcontractors?

This is another important question you should ask your roofer before beginning the job. Some companies will hire subcontractors to handle part of the job. You’d want to know who you’ll be working with and, as in the case of the roofer, you will need to know if they are adequately insured and licensed.

Does the company offer any warranty?

Warranties are definitely an important element in a roofing job. Typically the warranty should extend to at least a year, ideally two. Roofing warranty is important because you want to make sure that the roofer can check in with you if some repair problem occludes. If the problem arises in the material, the manufacturer’s warranty will apply but if the problem is due to faulty installation, your roofer will be accountable. The document that you’ll be asked to sign before hiring the contractor should mention their warranty policy so make sure you go through it in detail. If the document fails to mention that, talk directly to your roofer and ask them about their warranty policy,

Can the company provide references?

Everyone knows that feedback is an important part of hiring any company. Don’t be convinced by reviews online only because you never know how authentic they are. Instead, ask directly for any homeowner references the roofer can provide you with. If they can’t, it’s best to look for another contractor. If they can, get in touch with the customers and learn about their experience with the roofing company you’re about to hire.

These are just some of the questions that you should ask a roofing contractor before signing the deal. You should also ask them whether they give a written estimate for the job, their years of experience in the business and other relevant questions that might clue you in about the professionalism of the roofer.

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