Choosing the Right Shingle Color for Your New Roof

There’s a lot to love in a shingle roof but perhaps one of the biggest perks are the diverse options available in design and hues. When you’re getting your new roof installed, you want it to look fabulous. You also want it to be perfect for the environment you live in. Picking the right color can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Here in this blog post we’re listing down all the ways to make the best decision for your roof.

Since you won’t need the shingles replaced in 20 years or so, you should always consider options that will hold up in both quality and fashion for the years to come. Luckily, there are plenty of options in the market so we’re sure you’ll find the right color for your roof!

Consider your location

That sexy matte black color might be attractive but when you live in a city where the temperature all around the year is a boiling 40 degrees, maybe black isn’t the best decision. Always think about the climate of your town when you’re choosing the color. Cooler colors like whites keep the temperature of your home down and help controlling the utility bills. Consider these cooler options if you live in a hot climate.

On the other hand, dark colors absorb more heat from the sun and raise the temperature of your home. These will help keep your home warm in areas that have a cold climate. Plus, these dark hued shingles accelerate melting of snow from your rooftop.

Think about your home’s aesthetic

Don’t be drawn to that exuberant neon shingle just yet. You want to pick a color for your shingles that properly complements the rest of your home’s structure and style. When you’re making a decision, think about the colors of the bricks and the siding of your house. Does your potential color make a good pair with it?

You should also consider the illusion of size that different colored shingles give. Darker colors make the roof look smaller while cooler colors have the opposite effect. Make a fashionable decision and make sure whatever you choose matches well with the rest of your house.

Don’t forget the neighbors!

Along with considering the aesthetics of your own home, also take a good look at the houses around you. It’s always a good idea to stand out but if you want a more symmetrical look, you could opt for similar shingle shades as your neighbors’. Whatever you decide, it should complement the roof right next to you. If you live in complexes that are run through an association, make sure that there aren’t any rules for all the houses to have the same shingle colors and the same style.

Pair with the Shutters

When the shutters are a different color than the siding of your roof, you could choose the same color of the shutters for your roof for a complemented, aesthetic look. You can also change the shutter color to match with the shingle color of your choice. Pairing these two structures will give a more even and fashionable look to your entire house.

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