Common Roofing Misconceptions

Have you heard your neighbor rave about how he saved big by layering his new roof over the old one? Did that one article online tell you there’s no need for a roof inspection if you don’t live in a rainy climate? Homeowners often find themselves flooded with a variety of roof misconceptions that can negatively affect how they plan to proceed with their roofing project. Not everything Google tells you or what you watch in YouTube videos is legit; in fact, it hardly ever is. Knowing the facts from the myths is something every homeowner considering a big roofing project in the near future should know. The only way to really get your facts straight is through a qualified and knowledgeable roofing contractor.

Ultimate Roofing is a reputable roofing company with professional roofers on its team. This article will clearly outline all of the roofing misconceptions you’ve had and what the truth really is so keep reading!

Common Roofing Misconceptions

Myth #1: There’s no need to remove the old roof; just install the new one on top

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to a new roof installation is layering a new bed of shingles over the last one. This is a shortcut and might save you some cash initially but it can seriously undermine the quality of your roof in the long run. The cost of future roof repairs will escalate in no time and you might find yourself in deep waters with a new roofing installation pretty soon.

Myth #2: Inspections are a waste of time

No one will tell you not to get your roof inspected after a bad storm has passed, but almost everyone will tell you not to get one done when there hasn’t been a drop of rain in months. Regular or annual roof inspections are actually pretty crucial to always keep tabs on the status of your roof even when the weather conditions have been decent. You might not require a roof inspection in the same year as your roof installation but you will need one done at least once or twice a year in the subsequent years. Roof inspections are important to rule out any underlying roofing issue and call for repairs immediately before the problems gets out of hand.

Myth #3: Metal roofs are unnecessarily expensive

Many homeowners find metal roofs ugly and that really boils down to your personal preference but people who think these roofs aren’t worth the money they put in are completely mistaken. Metal roofs naturally require more labor and the cost of its installation is at the high end of the spectrum but that also means that these roofs last much longer, need fewer repairs and are a lot more energy efficient than conventional shingle roofing.

Myth #4: Ventilation and Insulation don’t make a difference

We can’t stress enough how important proper ventilation and insulation are to your roof. If anyone tells you otherwise, don’t believe them! Without a proper ventilation system, you’re inevitably inviting moisture into your house and that consequently will lead to mold and moss growth. A poorly insulated roof, on the other hand, is directly proportional to your utility bills.

Myth #5: My roof warranty is complete and covers everything

It’s always a good idea to check out the warranty policy that comes with your roof and this includes both the manufacturer warranty and the roofer warranty. You’ll have to make sure both of these warranties are in sync before you can claim that your roof is entirely covered by warranty.

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