Why your New Roof was installed incorrectly

A new roof installation can be a daunting process not only because it’s a major investment but also because it can span over days to weeks with roofing labor present in your house most of the day and materials and old roof debris piling up in your property. But once the project has been completed, it all seems worth it – or does it?

Not every new roof installed comes out perfect and some might even show signs of failing almost immediately. You might find yourself in deep waters with roof damages and leaks as well as new repairs soon. Inadequate and unprofessional roof installation can often lead to these dire consequences. Here are some of the commonest reasons why your new roof is failing.

Unprofessional Installation

Roof installation isn’t just everyone’s cup of tea. If you left this project in the hands of an inexperienced roofer or if you tried to do it DIY, you could have just messed up the installation process big time. Even if you have top quality roofing material, improper installation is the number one culprit of a new roof failing. Always do your research when it comes to hiring roofing contractors; a company that is licensed and reputable with a good work history is ideal.

Poor Roofing Materials

Another prime cause of a roof failing is roofing materials that are below standard. A cheap price tag has an appeal for sure but it could also potentially compromise your entire roof and build up repairing costs for you in the future. On the other hand, the most costly materials don’t necessarily mean they’re the absolute best either. Talk to an expert before you invest in your roofing materials.

Caulking over Flashing

Flashing is an integral part of your roof that keeps water from seeping in through the joints. Unfortunately some homeowners and even roofers believe that flashing does nothing but improve the appearance of your roof. Instead they choose the easy way out: caulking.

Caulking your chimney, skylights and other structures is a roofing hazard. Overtime the caulk can break compromising the entire joint of the roof. If you chose caulking over flashing in your roof too, it could be the source of your new roof failing.

Call a qualified roofing company today to discuss all of your concerns with your new roof. An expert can tell you exactly how to proceed and how to make your roof last a long time.

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