10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor in Albany

Roof installation is a highly complex work that affects the overall structure of your house. So while hiring a company, you should make sure that he is an expert in this business. Besides the common factors like experience, reputation, and licenses, there are many aspects that can seriously impact the quality of your roofing project.

Listed below are 10 major questions that need to be answered before choosing the right roofing companyfor your home:

Will he remove the old roof?

Shingling over the old roof is one of the popular black-hat practices in this field. To know the damages sustained by the underlying structures it is essential to remove the entire layer of old shingles.

Will he install a drip edge?

Drip is a piece of steel or aluminum placed beneath the shingles along the edges. This enables the water to drain and drip directly into the eavestroughs. Without drip edges, the water would seep into the roofing structures, soffits, and decking.

How would he nail the shingles?

Nailing is the most important aspect that holds the shingles tightly over the roof. Ideally, every shingle requires 4 to 6 nails and they should be mailed along with the nailing line.

Will he install new flashings?

While replacing the shingles, it might be necessary to replace the flashings by customizing their size. Flashings can be reused only if they are in good condition.

Will he use steel along the valleys?

It is always recommended to install steel underneath the shingles rather than merely weaving them. You should make sure that your selected company doesn’t intend to opt for woven valleys.

How far your shingles need to hang over the drip? 

Ideally, the shingles should overhang by 6mm or more. The maximum length of the overhang should be 2.5cm.

How will they cut the shingles?

An experienced company would never cut the shingles without checking them against a straight edge. Likewise, they would make the necessary markings before installing them.

How they plan to protect the eavestroughs?

Before hiring a roofing contractor in Albany, you should ask him about the nature of precaution, he intends to take in protecting the roof edges and eavestroughs from getting damaged.

What would be the cost for replacing a rotten decking?

Before hiring a professional, you should discuss regarding the possibility of a rotten decking and the cost involved in fixing it with plywood.

Will he clean up the job site before leaving each day?

An experienced roofer knows his responsibilities and he would check for hazardous materials like nails or metal pieces lying around after finishing his work each day. He would also cover the incomplete roof area with waterproof sheets.

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