Inspecting Water Leaks on Your Roof

Tips from your Albany Roofing Company about how to inspect your roof for water leaks

One of the most common complaints homeowners come about their roof is water damage and leaks. Leaks on the roof can come about as a result of numerous reasons; a qualified roofing contractor in Albany will be able to investigate and find out the root of the problem and the magnitude of it.  However, as a homeowner it is important that you recognize water damage and leaks on your roof so that you can make a call for repairs.

Why is my roof leaking?

When shingles become loose, break or get damaged after they have endured trauma, you might notice your roof leaking. Similarly, a clogged gutter and holes and cracks in the sealing or flashing can be common culprits of water leaks. The true cause can only be sought out by an expert.

What can I do about water leaks?

As a homeowner, it’s important that you recognize the leaks you experience in your home are because of roof damage. If the ceiling has giant wet spots that leak or if the walls are moldy and damp, the obvious reason is roof damage.

There is little a homeowner can do to repair the damage but there are measures they can take to decelerate the process or treat it symptomatically. First things first, you don’t want the inside of your house to get ruined by roof water leaks. Use a bucket and place it under the leaks to top it from damaging or making the floors wet. Alternatively, you could try sealing off obvious cracks and holes on your roof with a temporary sealant.

It’s important that you call for repairs as soon as possible because a leaky roof will likely keep causing more and more damage to your roof as well as your walls and ceilings. This coupled with the rapid growth of fungi will result in an inhospitable environment for your house. Call Ultimate Roofing, your local reputable Albany roofing company and be prepared for an extensive repairing project.

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