How to Make Sure Your Insurance Estimate matches Albany Roofer’s Estimate

After a storm has passed and life has begun to continue as normal, it’s time to take a look at the damage that’s been done to your roof. If the winds were strong, there’s a possibility that your roof would have taken a hit. What follows next is a long process of insurance claims, paperwork and multiple calls.

Ideally your insurance agency will arrive at your property, inspect the damages that have been done to your roof and give you an estimate of the cost of repairs that they are willing to cover. However, many homeowners find that this estimate is sometime less than the actual repair cost which could result in a budget problem for you or an inefficient roof repair.

So how do you make sure your insurance estimate matches with the actual repair cost? Let’s break it down.

How Are Estimates Made?

When the insurance company arrives in your home, they will perform a thorough inspection and give you an estimate of the cost they are willing to cover. A roofing company you intend to hire will do the same. In fact, the estimate calculation criterion is a standard and both the insurance agency and the roofing company will follow the same criteria to assess and give an estimate on the repairs.

But if that’s the case, why do the estimates tend to vary? Well, it could either be that the insurance company is shortchanging you or that they genuinely overlooked an issue which resulted in a lower repair bid estimate.

What Happens When the Estimated Repair Bid is Low?

Well, this just means that your roofing contractor will invest less time and labor on your roof so that the job can be completed quickly. This could mean an inefficient repair or a quick but temporary fix that will need further repairs in the future.

Make sure you know the pricing scale and how the estimate is calculated by your insurance agency so that you never feel shortchanged.

Contact a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor in the Albany area who can help you with the insurance process and ensure that your roof gets the repairs it deserves.

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