Red Flags your Albany Roofing Contractor wants you to know about

Red Flags that Call For a Roof Replacement – Stat!

When you first build your house, you imagine the roof being sturdy and strong enough to last you for generations. While it is true that your roof enjoys a particularly long lifespan (if built correctly with quality materials) but nothing in the world in immortal. There will come a time, maybe in your life or your children, when your roof will start to give up. Or perhaps a nasty storm could be the cause of damage. Either way, you will need to plan a roof replacement for it.

Here are some major signs when you know your roof absolutely has to be replaced!

#1: Missing and Broken Shingles

When you notice the shingles of your roof vanishing altogether, it could be a problem. Missing shingles signify that they were no longer strong enough to stay on the roof and were easily swept away by a strong wind. You don’t want that kind of shingle on your roof.

Another cause of concern is broken or damaged shingles. While sometimes repair can fix the problem, extensive injury calls for a roof replacement.

#2: Roofing Remains in the Drain

If you notice the gutters of the roof being clogged by roofing material, that might mean it’s time for a roof replacement. Shingles of the asphalt type tend to shed their coating overtime that can accumulate in the drains and even cause a blockage. This coating, when lost, can render the shingle less effective and more vulnerable to further damage by rain or wind.

#3: Advancing Age

As mentioned before already, your roof has a certain age limit. Once it is reached, there is no other option than to replace the roof entirely. Even if you have been maintaining the roof for years, an aged roof will eventually succumb. Usually the first sign of an aged roof is a leaky roof.

Roof replacement does not come cheap. But when there’s no other option for your roof, it becomes a necessity. To ensure the next roof you get installed lasts longer and better, hire a reliable roofing company.

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