Roof Maintenance Tips from Roofing Experts in Albany

The roof protects your home from all kinds of weather elements, debris, and animals. Severe weather such as strong winds and heavy rain can cause damage to your roof. This can interfere with the structural integrity of your roof and may require repair or replacement. Roof replacement is an expensive home remodel that you don’t wish to undertake unless adequately planned for. The best way to ensure your roof lasts longer is to perform regular maintenance. Simple regular maintenance and prevention can extend the life of your roof and costly replacement before its time comes. Here are expert roof maintenance tips that will ensure your home is dry, comfortable and protected.

Prune Your Trees

Trim any branches that are hanging near the roof as soon as you notice them. When they are in close proximity to your roof, they affect the health and longevity of the roof. Branches and limbs can break during severe weather and damage your roof. The shade from the branches can also cause moss growth on the roof. The branches can also provide a path for animals to get into your home.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Clean out your gutters and ensure they are firmly attached. Gutters help shed water off the roof. When your gutters are clean, they will prevent water from backing up into your home’s exterior. Debris and dirt can build up in your gutter and cause them to get clogged. Clogged gutters will cause water to build up and overflow onto the roof and leak into your home. Ensure your gutters are professionally cleaned twice a year.

Pay Close Attention to Your Shingles

Shingles are critical elements of your roof because they keep your roof dry and weatherproof. Do a visual inspection of your shingles to ensure they are intact and in a proper condition. Check for missing, damaged or curling shingles on your roof. Missing shingles make your home susceptible to more damage such as leaks. Ensure missing and damaged shingles are promptly replaced to prevent more damage.

Look for Leaks

Roof leaks are some of the pestering roof problems you can have. One of the best ways to ensure your roof’s life is extended is taking care of any leaks as soon as you notice them. Putting off a leak problem can only worsen the problem. Checking for leaks should be part of your roof maintenance plan because some leaks can go undetected and cause severe damage. If you notice yellow or brown stains on the ceiling, call a reputable roofing expert to fix the leak.  If you are a bit concerned you might miss something, contact a local roofer in Albany today.

Check for Signs of Fungus or Algae

Any plant growing on the roof has the potential to break down the materials and cause damage over time. If you notice algae or moss growth on your roofing exterior, consider using the appropriate solution to fix the problem before the damage becomes extensive. If your roof is collecting moss or algae, consider installing lead or zinc control strips. You can rake, power-spray or broom off the fungus.

Schedule Professional Inspections

Your roof needs proper maintenance for it to remain in a healthy state. This means you will need all the effort you can get to ensure your roof lasts longer. This will include hiring a professional roofing company for inspection once or twice a year. The roofing company should thoroughly inspect for any signs of damage or potential problems and fix them promptly.  

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