Albany Roofing Company Tip: Why Attic Insulation and Proper Roofing Ventilation Matters

Roofs have more functions than just acting as a physical shield for your home; they also play a major role in promoting health, comfort and an energy-efficient system in your house. Proper roof ventilation and, subsequently, proper attic insulation can affect your living space in a number of different ways. The R-value of insulation is an important consideration and maintaining the appropriate value can help you in various was. Not sure how your insulation is faring? Hire a professional for a roof inspection to make the job easier for you.

In the post, we’ve listed a few important benefits of proper roofing ventilation and attic insulation.

#1: Protects against mold growth and structural decay

If your attic is not well insulated, humidity and other favorable conditions can cause mold and mildew growth on your ceiling and on the walls. Mold is not only detrimental to your health but it can also cause structural decay and deterioration. In fact, without proper insulation, your roof is more susceptible to weather damage and you will need more frequent roofing repairs or even an entire replacement soon. The correct amount of insulation, distributed equally, can protect your roof and walls from these problems.

#2: Maintains a good home environment

One of the major benefits of proper insulation is better home comfort and temperature. Without proper insulation, winters can become excessively cold in the house since no heat will be trapped. While in the summers, the opposite can occur and more heat will accumulate. To enjoy better home comfort, make sure your roof and attic is well insulated and ventilated.

#3: Cost-efficient

This benefit of attic insulation might not be obvious apparently but once those electric bills roll in, you’ll definitely notice a difference! Good insulation can bring down heating and cooling costs since it can maintain a good home environmental temperature. If you want to save a few hundred dollars on your utility bills, get your insulation installed properly by a reliable roofing company in Albany’s Capital Region.

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