Albany Roofing Contractor Tip: Least Obvious Signs Your Roof Might Need Repairs

A leaky roof with broken flashing and missing shingles are major red flags of roof damage and immediate roofing repairs. But there are other, less obvious, signs of roof damage that are often ignored by homeowners. Recognizing these signs can help save your roof from an impending disaster. Timely repairs can keep your roof in shape for a long time and reduce the necessitation of a roof replacement for a good few years.

Look out for these least obvious roofing damage signs to keep your roof safe!

#1: You notice animals on your roof

Animals have no place on your roof so catching a wild raccoon or a cat taking a casual stroll on your roof is a sign that there’s something on your roof that attracts them. It could be food like plants (which have no place on your roof either!) or it could be a broken, enclosed space where they seek shelter.

#2: Whistling noises

Do you hear a strange whistling sound inside your house? Chances are your roof has some defect that is disrupting normal airflow and ventilation. Get a quick roof inspection to find out the problem in the ventilation of your roof before the problem increases many folds.

#3: Spotting on your roof

Black or green spots are indicators of mold and mildew growth, leaks, and other roof damages. These signs cannot and should not be ignored. A professional should be brought into the picture as soon as possible.

#4: Shingles begin to buckle

Shingles suffer a number of different damages. They can get broken or entirely missing but a less obvious sign of roof damage is buckling shingles. If you notice your shingles begin to buckles, repairs should be in order.

#5: Nails poking out

Nails should poke in, not out. If there are nails sticking out from the edges of your roof, it’s a sign your roof might be suffering from some damage since these nails are displaced from their original position.

Call a reputable Albany roofing contractor to thoroughly inspect and find the damages in your roof so you can get it repaired as soon as possible!

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