Albany Roofing Company Tip: The Importance of Properly Installed Roof Ventilation

When you hear about roof ventilation, you probably assume it is the mechanism that allows heat from the inside of your house escape through an exhaust system in your attic. That is true but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ventilation in your roof is a lot more than just expelling hot air from your house to the outside.

In the summers, the exhausts function to remove hot air from the attic while in the winter season, the exhaust functions to keep the moisture out of your home. Ventilation is, however, a two-way system that includes both the exit of warm, moist air and the entry of cool, dry air.

If you don’t have both of these systems installed in your roofing ventilation, you might be putting your roof at risk as well as the overall environment of your home at risk.

Signs of improper roof ventilation installation

A poorly installed roof ventilation system can produce some key signs and symptoms. Keeping a watchful eye for them is important to take swift action.

A ventilation system that is poorly installed will show signs of an abnormally hot attic or the upper story of your house. The temperature might even be higher than the surrounding temperature. This sign is observed during the hot summer season.

In the winter season, you might notice water leaking from the tips of nails on the wall as well frost forming on random places in the attic or the upper story of your house. Unexplained mold growth is also a red flag that something might be wrong with the ventilation of your house.

Exhaust and Intake Vents

Along with the exhaust vents, there is another important intake vent that needs to be installed to let in cool, dry air into your home. These intake vents can be constructed near a shaded area like the overhangs and soffit. This will let an adequate circulation of air occur inside and outside your house.

To make sure your vent is properly installed, contact a professional roofing company in Albany! Call Ultimate Roofing today!

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