Protect Your Garden from Roofing Renovations

Getting a new roof installed or an old one repaired are both huge projects that take up time, energy and money. Like most big projects, roofing renovations naturally produce a generous amount of waste and debris that could damage your home’s exterior.

Apart from the debris produced by these roofing projects, the process of carrying materials to the roof and having many workers around can produce a mess in your otherwise well-maintained garden or backyard. Many homeowners complain of the damage done to their property after these roofing projects but by the time they raise their concerns, the damage is already too much.

The only way to protect your garden from roofing renovation projects is to take precautionary measures. You should remember that even if you take these precautionary measures, there’s still a chance of damage. Completely avoiding any damage from the roofing mess is close to impossible; however, these damages can be minimized by taking the appropriate steps.

Inspect the Exterior

Inspecting your garden that is in close proximity to the roofing project is important and the first step to protecting it. You should take videos or photographs of the garden before the project has begun so if there is any pre-existing damage, you’d know it wasn’t because of the roofing renovation.

During your inspection, make note of any and all fragile items in the garden that could easily break or get ruined. This includes mini vegetable gardens or special pots that need extra protection. Newly planted seeds should also be protected and covered during the renovations take place.

Make use of Trash Cans or Hire a Dumpster

Position your trash cans in a way that the debris from your roof falls inside or at least close to them. This will help in clearing out the mess quickly and can protect anything that was otherwise placed in the position of the flow of debris. Since roofing projects are extensive, it is often advised to rent a dumpster for clearing the mess quickly.

Schedule Renovations in the Daylight

When you’re having your roof renovated or replaced, make sure it’s done in the daylight so any mess created is clearly visible. This could protect you and your garden from injury and damage. 

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