Roofing Contractors in Albany Tips to Maintain your Roof in the Fall Season

Everyone knows the fall season brings with it an army of falling leaves and organic debris that needs to be constantly swept from our back yard and porches. But not many people know that this debris can also be problematic to your roof.

The roof of your house is probably the most neglected part since it’s inconvenient to climb. The only time most people take notice of their roof is when the damage is already been done and major signs are already showing. In the fall season, the damage can be pretty frequent so there really isn’t any room for being casual about roof maintenance.

This season requires some special maintenance steps that need to be followed in order to ensure your roof survives these windy months.

Sweep the leaves away
Leaves and branches in your yard could be carried to your roof by a gust of wind. This organic matter could encourage the growth of unwanted critters on your roof that can further damage the roof material. For proper roof maintenance in the fall, make sure to regularly clear your house surroundings of any fallen leaves of branches.

Unclog clogged drains and gutters
The debris from trees and plants can also obstruct your drainage system on the roof. Rain and wind can all lead to clogged gutters that need to be evaluated and cleaned promptly to avoid ponding of water on the roof.

Investigate holes and punctures
Strong winds can damage the flashing of your roof and can cause holes and punctures on your roof. These holes can lead to leaking problems and could compromise the entire function of your roof as a shield for your house structure. Check for any holes by spraying water on the roof and see if there is any leak in the ceilings inside the house. Seal all openings and holes with cement on an emergency basis.

For proper fall roof maintenance, it’s a good idea to have your roof professionally inspected so that you can enjoy this windy season without the worry of your roof bending and breaking.   Contact Ultimate Roofing today to get your roof inspected.  We are your local Albany roofing company committed to providing you with great service!!!

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