Albany Roofers Tips: Common Flat Roof Problems and their Solutions

When it comes to the style of your rooftop, flat roofs are slowly gaining popularity in newer homes. That’s because not only do flat roofs look smarter and more modern, they are easier to maintain and repair than sloped roof tops. The ample amount of free space on a flat roof can also be utilized; something that cannot be done with sloped roofs.

Although flat roofs come with a ton of advantages, that still does not mean they are completely free of problems and faults. If you’re thinking of going down the flat roof road, here are some common problems with flat roofs that you should keep in mind.

Just like any other roof type, flat roofs also suffer from leaks and drainage issues. In fact, leaks and moisture collection is one of the most reported problems with flat rooftops. The moisture and ponding water can cause moss, fungus and mold to grow that can deteriorate the walls and ceilings of your house.

This term is used to describe the bubbling appearance of aged asphalt on your roof. If you see your roof alligatoring, it’s probably time to replace it completely because a simple repair might not solve the problem.

Cracks and Punctures
Since flat roofs have a greater surface area than sloped roofs, they are more susceptible to pressure and more exposed to harsh weather conditions. This could eventually lead to cracks and holes in the roof that would need immediate attention.

Damaged Flashing
Both slanted and flat roofs can suffer from flashing damage. Winds and storms could result in the flashing at the edges to get damaged. Damaged flashing can lead to leaks and cracks that could prompt repairing or replacing the roof.

Quick Flat Roof Solution
For all your flat roof problems, the quickest and most effective solution is to call a profession roof inspector and a roofer to assess the condition of your flat roof and to make the necessary repairs.

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