Should You Get a Foam Roof Installed?

Foam roofing is an excellent choice in places that receive a healthy amount of monsoon rains and has an overall hot climate. Think, Arizona. The climate in Arizona is hot and humid but the summer season is met with frequent rainstorms. For flat rooftops, foam is being considered by homeowners more than ever now.

The Pros of Foam Roofing

When it comes to roofing materials for flat roofs, the industry is full of options. The more common Built Up Roof (BUR) is a popular choice and is pretty long-lasting (over 10 years). Compared to the SPF or polyurethane foam roof, though, BUR provides less insulation even though the costs of these materials are quite similar.

Other roofing materials such as rubber and ply sealed with tar have their own downsides. Tar used as an adhesive can pose a risk to your health since it is a well known carcinogen. Asphalt is more popular with V-shaped roof tops and the cost of asphalt is much higher for flat roofs. The cost of foam roofs, on the other hand, generally does not fluctuate much.

Perhaps the most important property of foam roofs is the high quality insulation foam provides. One inch of the type of foam, Medium Density Sprayed, can provide insulation as well as six inches of solid wood.

The density of the foam also makes it a much better option than fiberglass.

The Cons of Foam Roofing

As with any roofing material, the cost involved in installation is high. Foam is generally on the higher end of the price range than most roofing materials probably owing to the fact that it’s still not common. The cost of installation, labor involved and other factors can all impact the cost of installation of foam per square inches.

In the long-run, however, foam can prove to be a lot more cost effective than most roofing materials. Since it has excellent insulation properties, you won’t need to replace your roof for a long time. The incidence of leaks will also reduce. A well-insulated house can seriously bring down your utility bills as well.

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