Tips to Keep Birds off Your Roof

We all love the image of befriending pretty little bluebirds and singing to them as they chirp in reply. That image, however, is pretty Disney-princess exclusive and does not apply to real life at all. Even if you’re a fan of birds, you cannot be a fan of the mess they leave behind. More often than not, your roof is the prime victim.

Birds tend to make nests, leave droppings and make a mess in general on your rooftop. These things might be frustrating to deal with but they are usually harmless.

Birds become a problem when they actually start causing damage to your roof. Some aviators will peck and peel the shingles of your roof and even clog your drainage system and gutters with nest remains. If that happens to your roof, you need to take immediate measures to stop the birds from inhabiting your roof since these problems can lead to greater damage to your roof in the long run.

#1: Lure the Birds Away
Birds might be harmful for your roof but they can bring the beauty out of your backyard or lawn. The best way to get rid of birds from your roof without actually expelling them altogether is to lure them to your backyard instead. Many people install bird feeders in their gardens to distract the birds and encourage them to inhabit the yard instead.

#2: Go Old School with a Scarecrow
Although a lot of birds are evolving and have learned that scarecrows are actually not live human beings, constructing one on your roof is worth a shot. It’s inexpensive, fun and easy.

#3: Use Bird Nests and Spikes
If the scarecrow method fails, you might have to invest into buying bird nests or bird spikes to keep the birds away from your roof. Bird spikes may not be the best option for those who don’t want to ruin the aesthetic of their home but it might be one of the most effective ways to keep birds away. These spikes deprive birds from an even surface where they can sit on and do not actually harm them.

Bird nests, on the other hand, are a tad bit impractical since they cannot cover a large area of your roof.

#4: Buy a Sonic Bird Repellent
If all else fails, you can drive birds away with a sonic repellent device that works by producing different sounds of predators. This is another effective way of keeping birds away from your roof but if you’re a strong animal-rights advocate, you may find the working of this device slightly displeasing and inappropriate.

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