Maintaining your roof the right way

It doesn’t matter how old your roof is. Even if you have had your roof installed a week ago, you need to start taking measures to maintain it. Your roof might be one of the neglected parts of the house that could suffer from a lot of insult if you don’t take care of it. Maintaining your roof the right way should be a priority to increase the lifespan of your roof and to save yourself the trouble of constant repairs and roof installations.  Especially living here in the Albany area, it is important with the winter weather to stay on top of this..

Get Regular Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are not free but they’re definitely worth it. Regular roof inspections can protect you from a bigger disaster in the future and save your money in the long run. Hiring professionals to evaluate the condition of your roof is important because you’re not an expert. They are.

Roof companies can inspect can pick out minor details and warning signs. They can point out a worn out or broken shingle that you may have overlooked when you did your own personal inspection. To properly maintain your roof, call your roof inspection company on a regular basis and save yourself from the stress and worry.

Check the Drains

Sometimes you don’t need a qualified professional to point out an obvious cause of concern. Clogged gutters and drain can cause water from rain or snow to collect on top of your roof. This might seem innocent to the eye but it actually encourages the growth of mold, algae and a smell you don’t want to have wafting near your house.

Mold, in particular, can damage your ceilings and it can spread to the walls and other parts of your house. If you don’t address the issue of improper drainage immediately, you could be taking out your wallet to pay for the much pricier mold inspection team.

Clear the Clutter

None of us likes a messy house and none of us should like a messy rooftop either. Clean the clutter and debris from your roof regularly to avoid leaves, trees and animals from making a home up there. If you live in an area where winds are wild and storms are a norm, you should keep a broom for your roof ready every time the weatherman warns of an upcoming gust of wind.

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