Here’s How You Know it’s Time to Call For a Roof Inspection

A roof inspection must be something performed regularly but most of us need active persuasion to pick up that phone and dial the roofing company’s number. While appropriate scheduling of roof inspections is recommended, it becomes a necessity when you start seeing some clear-cut signs that could affect your roof and in turn, your house.

Here are a few warning signs to look out for that should prompt you to hire a professional roof inspection company to get your roof properly evaluated.

#1: Broken or Missing Shingles

If you have a shingles roof, you should know those shingles have a particular lifespan. They begin showing obvious signs of aging (curling, breaking, going entirely missing) that could affect their purpose. They could also become weak and break easily when you walk on them.

These shingles form the backbone of your roof and if they’re not in their top shape, it could be pretty damaging to the entire structure of your house. Sometimes shingles break and wear out because they have endured a lot of harsh weather conditions over the years. Missing shingles are a sign that an unwanted animal could be making a habitat in your roof.

Whatever the reason for broken and missing shingles is, the moment you notice something is wrong you need to hire a qualified professional to take a look at it.

#2: Mold Growing

Mold is a classic problem when the gutters of your roof are clogged or blocked. When water from rain, hail and snow does not properly drain, mold and algae could start growing and breeding on your rooftop.

While mold might initially seem harmless (it’s just some soft, green stuff anyway, right?) it could pose health hazards for you and your family. Mold is the biggest enemy for anyone who has allergies or suffers from respiratory problems. Mold could also spread to your walls and make them look old and worn out.

Getting rid of mold is tricky and expensive so call for a roof inspection before any of that happens!

#3: Evidence of a Flora and Fauna Invasion

Critters like to make a home in places you can’t reach them, and that’s usually your roof. Similarly, plants and trees have a way of growing excessively on your roof as well. This can not only potentiate damage to your roof but the debris of all of trees and leaves could clog your drains as well.

While a gardener or an exterminator seems an obvious solution for this problem, you need to make sure you know of the damage already done by these animals and trees.   Local to Albany and looking for help?  Call an Albany roof company that can help solve that problem for you quickly and efficiently.  Call Ultimate Roofing today!

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