Making sure your roof is prepared for winter weather

The winter season is coming sooner than we all realize.  Even though Summer is here, it is already getting colder here in Albany and Fall is right around the corner.  You need to make sure your house is ready to take the breeze beforehand. Winters are usually accompanied by heavy storms, snow and rainfall – all of which can take a toll on the roof of your house. While you might be neglecting the roof for the entire summers, it’s high time you start giving it some attention now.

To make sure your roof is ready to beat the cold this winter season, here are some things you can do:

#1: Make Sure the Drainage System is Working

The first thing you want to ensure is that the drainage system of your roof is working properly. Leaks are common roof problems that need prompt repair. If the leaks go unchecked, you might just be encouraging the growth of mold in your house. Leaks can also affect the insulation of your house and damage ceilings so fixing leaks is a roofing emergency you must act upon quickly.

Also, you’d want to clean out any clogged gutters that could hamper your roofing drainage. Gutters are easily blocked by debris and need to be cleaned out immediately to drain out the rain water.

#2: Check if Everything is Properly Sealed

The second thing you want to check is if there are any holes or pokes in your flashing, any loose venting or any broken shingles of the roof. All of these can cause water from rain or storm to leak into the house and it usually shows on the ceiling.

#3: Hire a Professional Roof Inspector

Roof inspection is different than your average house inspection. It is a specialized inspection aimed at your roof and your roof alone. Roof inspectors are professionals who make a living out of assessing your roof so what better way to ensure your roof is ready for the winter than asking a professional’s opinion? Yes, it will cost you more but it will be worth it and could protect you from greater damage to your roof after a winter storm.

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